A Fine And Rare Antique Persian Silk Heriz Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1880 – One look at this fine silk antique Persian Heriz rug and it is love at first sight. Heriz is a city that gained a reputation for producing silk Persian rugs of such exquisite quality that the name of the city became a term used to describe exceptionally fine quality rugs that were woven using silk. One only has to look at the luster, quality, sharp detail and high knot count of this antique silk rug to understand why this is so. This antique carpet was produced around 1880 and stands out even among the finest carpets from that area.

Silk is a labor-intensive fiber to produce, but the results are worth it. It produces a fiber that can be spun into fine threads that take color brilliantly. It also has a luster that gives it a magnificent glow that is unlike any other fiber in the world. There is nothing on earth that looks like silk, or that feels so soft to the touch. That is why people love it so much.

The fine knot count of this Persian silk carpet is reflected in the crispness of the lines. The silk pile is cut close to make it stand out even more. This is an exquisitely preserved, museum-quality piece that was the work of a master weaver. This breathtaking Persian Heriz silk carpet uses a wide variety of hues and color tones in a way that is delicate and refined.

One of the hallmarks of a carpet produced by master weaver is the layout of the field design. In this case, the design in the field resolves on the ends, rather than allowing them to appear to trail off the borders of the beautiful rug as if the weaver simply ran out of room. This same attention to detail was also used in every layer of the intricate borders. This attention to detail gives the antique Oriental rug an elegant quality and sense of balance both in color and design.

The colors and design of this antique Persian Heriz Silk rug dance together in a ballet that is the culmination of many years of formal training and experience. We may never know the artist who created this masterwork, but we can still stand in awe at his mesmerizing work. This is a one of the best rugs for a serious collector of fine carpets.

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