Antique Persian Senneh Vagireh Sampler Rug 1672

Size: 2 ft 2 in x 2 ft 10 in (0.66 m x 0.86 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Rare Antique Persian Senneh Vagireh Sampler Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: First quarter of the 19th century – This rare antique sampler Wagireh rug is a significant and rare find that gives us a glimpse into a world that has long past. This is a salesman’s sample of sorts that was used to show the colors and designs that were available for the production of larger rugs. It is used to show off the scope and skill of the artist and to hopefully entice someone to purchase a full-sized rug with this design. It is a bit like a catalog that shows the wares that the Persian rug weaver has to offer. It is a delightful antique Persian Senneh rug and one that is seldom found in collections. This sampler was produced in the first quarter of the 19th century.

Sometimes, these samples were produced by apprentices or to be used by weavers as a sort of template. They are like an index of different designs that are available at this particular rug store. Sometimes they are signed, but many times they are not, as in this case. The samples are no longer produced, and this one is almost 200 years old. They are meant to show off the capabilities of the weaver, serving as a resume for the skills of the craftsman.

This antique rug has seen quite a bit of wear over the years, but it is also an interesting glimpse into the techniques used to produce larger pieces of work. You can see how the weaving and pile were produced in this Persian rug. It provides a clue as to the techniques that were used in the area where this sample was created.

This is certainly an interesting and highly collectible rug that could be easily framed and hung on the wall for display. This piece would make a unique addition to any collection because of its history and its rarity.

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