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Antique Joshagan Rugs – Persian area rugs are some of the older and most fascinating of area rug making locals. Because these magnificently crafted area rugs were woven across of most of Persia, the more distinct area rug styles developed over the course of so many centuries. Often, the older antique rugs from Persia are identified and named after the specific region were they were first created. Joshagan is one such example of this system of classification. Rugs and carpets that fall under the Joshagan category are noted for their unique stylization, and experimentation with traditional Persian floral carpet design.

The city of Joshagan is located in the central part of modern day Iran. This weaving center is one of the older ones and has been weaving rugs in Iran continually over so periods. The Joshagan rugs are famous for their lattice design and stylized more geometric floral ornaments. The vase rug weaving approach with a single plane of lattice and vase design is one that is most closely associated with the older and antique Persian Joshagan  rugs.

The antique carpets from Joshagan were woven from the 18th through the 21th century in Persia (which is the modern day country of Iran). Antique Persian Joshagan handcrafted area rugs are coveted as much today as they were at any historical time period by many. This is mostly a result of their unique design characteristics and splendid quality craftsmanship.

What is a Persian Joshagan rug?

A “Joshagan rug” is a type of Persian rug that originates from the city of Joshagan (also spelled Joshaghan or Josheghan) in central Iran. Joshagan rugs are known for their unique and distinctive designs, which often feature geometric patterns, intricate medallions, and a wide range of colors.

These rugs are typically handwoven using high-quality wool and natural dyes. The city of Joshagan has a long tradition of rug weaving, and Joshagan rugs are highly regarded for their craftsmanship and artistic value. They are considered to be part of the larger category of Persian rugs, which are celebrated worldwide for their beauty and cultural significance.

Joshagan rugs can vary in size, from small accent rugs to larger room-sized pieces. They are sought after by collectors and rug enthusiasts for their quality and the intricate designs that reflect the artistic heritage of the region.

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