Joshagan Rugs

Selection of Antique Joshagan Rugs from Persia

Antique Joshagan Rugs – Persia boasts one of the oldest, proudest, and most prolific rug making traditions of any place in the world. Because rugs have been made all across for Persia for so long, many distinct styles of rugs have developed over the centuries. Often, antique Persian rugs are identified by the region from which they emerge. Joshagan is one such example of this system of classification. Rugs and carpets that fall under the Joshagan category are noted for their unique stylization, and experimentation with traditional Persian floral carpet design.

Joshagan, situated in Central Iran, is one of the oldest centers for continuous weaving in Iran. It is known for their stylized geometric and floral ornament with a lattice design. Traditionally a vase technique on a single plane lattice vase rug is associated with antique Joshagan Persian rugs. These antique carpets were woven from the 18th to 20th century in Joshagan Persia (which is the modern day country of Iran). Antique Persian Joshagan rugs are prized for their unique characteristics and splendid craftsmanship, as much today as they have ever been.

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