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Abadeh Rugs – Abadeh, which had historically functioned as a a market town, is strategically located approximately halfway between Isfahan and Shiraz. Abadeh is also traditionally where the nomadic Qashqai, during their north/south seasonal migration, would cross. As a result of its unique location, Abadeh’s importance as a market town grew over the centuries – because so many different nomadic tribes passed through it, there was a significant cultural exchange between Abadeh itself, and her many visitors.

As the rugs woven in Abadeh became more and more popular throughout Persia – and beyond – the weavers adjusted their manufacturing method. Because of the popularity of their rugs, Abadeh area women were able to weave using larger and better looms, resultantly making larger and superior rugs. This shift in Abadeh rug production saw the sides of the rugs became straighter; saw an increase in overall knot density throughout; and the introduction go a cotton foundation. These Persian rugs are similar in look to Shiraz rugs but they tend to have to use cotton wefts that are blue in color.

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Abadeh is a town in southern Iran halfway between Isfahan and Shiraz where many Qashqai, Lori and Afshari tribes have settled. They are similar in look to Persian rugs from Shiraz but differ in their use of blue cotton weft.

A diamond or clover leaf shaped medallion is sometimes displayed in the center field. These beautiful antique rugs have a varied color palate of red, terracotta, blue, green and ivory. Considered highly desirable by collectors and admirers of antique Persian rugs, Abadeh rugs espouse many of the qualities and characteristics that typify the finest pieces.

Culturally important works, Abadeh rugs serve as a wonderful example of the artistic heights achieved by the master rug makers of Persia.

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