Antique Turkish Oushak Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – This wonderful antique Oushak rug bears a large medallion surrounded by bold floral accents and a vine outline, all filled with a warm lemon tint. It has a pleasant feel to it, giving off a sweet atmosphere. Drawn from a sense of well-being and pleasant aroma, this marvelous antique rug holds a mystical sense of a garden. The entirety of the rug holds a lemon tint, which gives it a strong sense of life. The surrounding floral blooms create a firework of gold that shimmers into the vines on the outline. The central medallion stretches into the rest of the rug like four arrows, pushing the boundaries of the art style. Tiny leaves take turns facing the beautiful center as they parade around both the central outline and the final outline. Each individual bloom holds a delicate balance in this mystifying Turkish rug. The cream tones interwoven in the design provide a more relaxed beauty in line with all of the exciting yellow and gold tones. This Oushak rug is lemon-tinted and a beautiful addition to your room. With one consistent color stretching through the entirety of the rug, it isn’t distracting in any form and binds the design together through one common theme. The sweet and pleasant feel of the rug displays a comfortable and cherished theme. Full of flowers and patterns all tinted gold, it has a sort of royal feel to it.

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