Antique Metallic Scrollwork and Gold Embroidery Chinese Ninth Rank Badge Textile 44855

Size: 1 ft x 1 ft (0.3 m x 0.3 m)
Origin: China

Enhanced with painted feathers and gilded scrollwork, this rank badge is an exceptional example of a Kossu tapestry badge produced for a ninth rank civilian official.

Antique Chinese Rank Badge, China, Early 19th Century – This ninth rank badge features a traditional paradise flycatcher, which displays the signature dual tail feathers decorated with colorful roundels. Woven with a formal composition, the paradise flycatcher faces left toward the sun, which is the symbol of the emperor. Metallic scrollwork and gold embroidery decorate the fretwork border and background while lotus blossoms, peonies and traditional ruyi-style clouds in gradient shades of indigo blue fill the sky. Tonal lishui stripes and reflective clouds complete the chao tidal field leading to the patterned waves strewn with symbolic Buddhist emblems.

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