Light Blue Antique Indian Agra Carpet 48646

Size: 11 ft 6 in x 14 ft (3.51 m x 4.27 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Light Blue Antique Indian Agra Carpet, Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: 1890 – This carpet from the 19th century is richly presented in a royal theme, defined by deep crimson and pale gold hues, which are unified through an intricate large scale vase design. The outer borders of this Agra rug are comprised of chains of blossoms that co-mingle and play with one another as they guide the viewer’s eye toward the focal points of the piece. With a background composed of dusted Aegean blue hues, vases and floral motifs, this unique piece blends heavier tones with more elegant ones to set up a grounding design that conjures images of late spring.

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