Antique Grey Blue Persian Sultanabad Rug 47563

Size: 8 ft 9 in x 11 ft (2.67 m x 3.35 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A truly marvelous composition, this regal Sultanabad, woven in Persia at the turn of the twentieth century, is a study in the majesty of classical Persian design. A soothing pallet with an exceptional patina complete a singular achievement.

Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa: 1900 – This truly impressive antique Persian Sultanabad rug is characterized by a gorgeous, classical design of floral design elements, with a series of swirling vine scrolls offering their support. A masterful border, also resplendent with elements of classical Persian design, frames in the allover pattern of the field while subtlety creating a contrast with that field. And while this exemplary classic design vaults this gorgeous antique rug into the upper echelons of antique Persian rugs, it is really is coloration and its patina that make it most remarkable. Tones of soft reds and blues are omnipresent throughout this rug, broken up only very occasionally by soft, pale yellow details. Through these ephemeral blues and reds, this Sultanabad recalls an era of splendor and ornamentation, an era in which a slightly subdued tonality was more than enough of an artistic flourish to give a work of art an air of sophistication, and a unique, evocative beauty.

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