Antique Chinese Rug 45153

Size: 7 ft 1 in x 7 ft 3 in (2.16 m x 2.21 m)
Origin: China

Woven in China during the 1920s, this outstanding antique carpet features a solitary dragon flanked by spiraling clouds set over a sumptuous blue background

Antique Chinese Rug, China, 1920’s – This Chinese antique carpet features an exceptionally detailed dragon with shaded skin and dimensional scales. Traditionally regarded as a symbol of power, prosperity and good luck, the dragon is also intimately associated with supernatural forces. The celestial Chinese dragon with the flaming pearl is the subject of one popular creation story as well as many myths where dragons are responsible for managing the weather, the clouds and the chariots that transport gods. This animated dragon features an impressive level of detail and softly shaded colors contrasted by scaly spines and stark white talons. Ivory clouds outlined with contrasting accents decorate the dark blue field representing the elusive nature of the mythical dragon.

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