Antique Caucasian Marasali Shirvan Prayer Rug 47496

Size: 3 ft 4 in x 4 ft (1.02 m x 1.22 m)

Despite its relatively small size, this gorgeous antique Marasali Shirvan prayer rug is practically overflowing with traditional elements of design in a particularly comely composition.

Antique Caucasian Marasali Shirvan Prayer Rug, Origin: Caucasus, Circa: Late 19th century – Within the world of antique Oriental rugs, the carpets of Shirvan origin have a unique personality. Shirvan rugs are Caucasian rugs – in the sense that they are woven utilizing traditional means and styles by inhabitants of the Caucasus region. However, unlike most styles of Caucasian rugs, Shirvan rugs such as this example are known for a complexity of design and patterning, and for a unique color pallet. This prayer style rug exhibits this characteristics to tremendous effect: for despite its relative small size, this Shirvan prayer rug is practically bursting with detail work, with hardly an inch of its service void of some kind of ornamentation. In addition to this absolutely astonishing display of handiwork, this Shirvan also boasts a fascinating pallet that makes itself best known in a series of alternating stripes. Ivories, dark tones, and pale reds appear one after another in the field of this piece, giving it the impression of a flag, or a piece of heraldry. Indeed, as a prayer rug, this Shirvan is steeped with cultural significance, and is a wonderful testament to the weavers of the Caucuses.

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