Antique Romanian Bessarabian Kilim 43806

Size: 5 ft 10 in x 8 ft 10 in (1.78 m x 2.69 m)

Featuring stylized bouquets with a Persian influence, this dramatic carpet is a unique Bessarabian design piece.

Antique Romanian Bessarabian Kilim Rug: Late 19th Century Elegance – Step into the allure of a truly captivating antique Oriental rug – a Bessarabian masterpiece crafted in Romania during the latter part of the nineteenth century. This rug stands as a testament to the skilled artisans who dedicated their craftsmanship to its creation, embodying a genuine sense of uniqueness. An extraordinary piece, this Bessarabian rug possesses qualities highly coveted by collectors and experts, promising to bring beauty and sophistication to any discerning home.

This traditional Bessarabian carpet seamlessly weaves regional elements with Persian influences, evident in the branching bouquets and simplified split-leaf motifs characterized by high-impact lines and a modern appeal. Woven with an opulent brown field adorned with a promenade of bouquets, this traditional carpet represents a bold fusion of influences from Persia and Eastern Europe.

In essence, this rug stands as a remarkable work of art. The traditional and impeccable design, coupled with a thoughtfully composed composition, elevates it beyond the realm of mere decoration, transforming it into a true masterpiece. The fusion of regional influences, Persian motifs, and the opulent brown field crafts a captivating narrative, making this Bessarabian rug a timeless and enchanting addition to any home.

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