Modern Contemporary Swedish Inspired Carpet 48384

Price: $3,800.00


7 ft (2.13 m)


10 ft 3 in (3.12 m)

Beautiful Modern Contemporary Swedish Inspired Carpet, Country of Origin: Sweden, Circa Date: Modern / 21st Century – This sleek, modernist rug is a study in subtlety and sophistication. The simple, somber elegance is directly inspired by the unique structured geometry of vintage Swedish carpets. A narrow border of pale yellow surrounds the elegant simplicity of the pattern. Strict geometry and structured symmetry arrange the design’s strictly delineated pieces of cream, yellow, and grey into a structured abstract pattern. Solemn grey, palest yellow, occasional flourishes of richer color, an elegant design, modernist inspiration, and stunning symmetrical sensibility ensure this piece is a sophisticated and modern artistic statement.

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