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Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Runner Rug by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg 47027

Size: 3 ft x 11 ft 9 in (0.91 m x 3.58 m)Print

Designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, the Queen of Rugs, this vintage Swedish runner depicts a graphic black-on-white windowpane pattern with primary color accents.

Vintage Swedish Scandinavian Rug by Gunilla Lagerhen Ullberg, Country of Origin:¬†Sweden, Circa Date: Mid-20th Century – This vintage carpet features a sleek, modern black, white and primary-color pattern created by award-winning carpet designer Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg. The endless ivory field is crisscrossed with kohl black lines that create a dense pattern of fenestrated rectangles. These stark achromatic hues are the perfect basis for a timeless modern design. Bold monochrome segments in red, blue, avocado green and lemon yellow divide the monumental field into manageable segments while providing a strong visual link through the repeated accent colors. Hash-mark end pieces provide the only exception in this understated mid-century modern design rug, which has a superb level of continuity and strong graphic features. This definitive mid-century runner rug reflects Ullberg’s popular style, which incorporates aspects of minimalism and modernism that are tied together by understatement.