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Vintage Swedish Rag Rug 46670

Size: 2 ft x 6 ft 3 in (0.61 m x 1.9 m)
Origin: Scandinavia
Style: Rag Rugs

This bold vintage Scandinavian rag rug showcases a superb, carefully blended conglomeration of chic retro colors woven in an endless pattern of layered stripes.

Vintage Swedish Rag Rug, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid 20th Century – Exotic yet grounded and well-balanced, this colorful, textural vintage carpet is a 20th century wonder that displays an infinite striped pattern accented by intricate woven textures. Earthy terracotta reds and verdant asparagus greens juxtaposed against fruity accent colors and pastel neutrals create a constant striped pattern that displays a multitude of incomparable textures. Bright, bulging rags tightly woven between contrasting fibers produce a magnificent effect that gives each area its own unique texture and blend of color. This phenomenal vintage Swedish rug is a decorative delight that pushes the limits while displaying a riot of contrasting colors in an agreeable and classically styled manner.

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