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Vintage “Musicos Con Mascaras” Pablo Picasso Carpet 48496 Nazmiyal

Vintage Musicos Con Mascaras Pablo Picasso Carpet 48496

Size: 5 ft 8 in x 6 ft 5 in (1.73 m x 1.96 m)
Origin: Scandinavia

“Musicos Con Mascaras” by Pablo Picasso Carpet, Scandinavian, Mid 20th Century — Bold, original, and adventurous, this striking carpet ensures a singular and impactful artistic statement. Designed by Pablo Picasso, this stunning carpet features marvelous artwork rendered in the artist’s inimitable style. A surreal, impressionistic tableau of musicians and their tired pup dominates the piece, created in Picasso’s trademark magnificently bright and stunningly sharp-edged geometry. Masterfully executed, the piece conjures the sense of a cantina, dry afternoon dust, and lazy siesta heat. Flawless and rich with unexpected detail and breathtaking interplay of light, color, and shadow, this fascinating piece ensures a stunning artistic statement.

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