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Vintage Georgia O’Keeffe Art Rug from Scandinavia 49998


Size: 5 ft 2 in x 7 ft 7 in (1.57 m x 2.31 m)
Origin: Scandinavia

Vintage Scandinavian art rug designed by renowned American artist Georgia O’Keeffe, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage  Scandinavian Rugs, Circa date: Mid 19th Century – The beautiful floral design on this mid 20th century vintage Scandinavian rug pays tribute to the American artist, Georgia O’Keeffe. Known for her renditions of vibrant flowers in realistic detail and grand scale, O’Keefe’s style has become one of the most recognizable and prolific artists in the art world. Georgia O’Keefe’s art work was inspired by the landscape around her and her work gives the impression of being in the outdoors. This magnificent art rug is no exception.

This vintage rug is an impressively accurate rendition of one of O’Keefe’s famous paintings. One of the things that stands out in both O’Keefe’s painting and this small size rug is its use of light and shadow. Attention to the darker tones, mid tones and highlights make the bold floral rug design stand out and gives the imagery a realistic quality and feel.

The Georgia O’Keeffe art rug lacks a formal border and elements of the leaves and flowers appear to extend beyond the rug itself. It is as if someone simply removed part of the garden and placed it on the floor. This beautiful piece would work well to add color and interest to a tone on tone Scandinavian or minimalist room design. It adds a sense of delicacy with its gentle curves and asymmetrical placement of the main design elements.

This piece of classic Georgia O’Keeffe artwork represents not only a beautiful accent feature, but an important piece of mid-20th century American artistic thought. The work of Georgia O’Keeffe is adored by many and she left an impression on the art world that will not be forgotten. This beautiful vintage Georgia O’Keeffe art rug from Scandinavia is an excellent tribute to her life and work, as well as a necessity for a room decor hat features mid 20th century and contemporary design.

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