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Vintage Double Sided Swedish Kilim Rug by Ingrid Dessau 49115

$14,000.00 $9,500.00

Size: 6 ft 2 in x 12 ft 4 in (1.88 m x 3.76 m)
Origin: Scandinavia

Beautiful and Extremely Happy Vintage Double Sided Swedish Kilim Rug by Ingrid Dessau, Country of Origin / Rugs Type: Scandinavian Rug, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – Like many exquisite vintage Swedish kilims, this beautiful vintage rug is designed to use minimal colors and forms to create a more abstract appearance for the viewer to enjoy. In this particular Scandinavian rug, by renowned textile artist Ingrid Dessau, there are elements that feature yellow, orange and white, all of which organically surround each other to create a beautiful display of hue without blending the transitions. This results in a warm and inviting effect, and the presentation of the horizontal lines makes the colors appear as though they are cascading down the length of the surface of this Scandinavian rug, offset by the presence of the white, which acts as an elegant foil.

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