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Vintage Swedish Scandinavian Carpet by Rakel Callander #49946 - Nazmiyal

Vintage Swedish Scandinavian Carpet by Rakel Callander 49946

Size: 4 ft 6 in x 6 ft 3 in (1.37 m x 1.9 m)
Origin: Scandinavia

A Highly Artistic Vintage Swedish Scandinavian Carpet by Rakel Callander, Country Origin: Scandinavia, Circa: Mid-20th Century – This incredible Scandinavian rug is bursting with rich autumn color and bold patterns. Incorporating a phenomenal assortment of clear and well-designed geometric shapes that are arranged in a pleasing flipped symmetry, this rug is an excellent example of crisp and skillful weaving. Callendar has combined, withing the compositing of the magnificent mid century modern vintage rug, geometric stars and right angle motifs to create a bright and cheerful composition that is representative of Scandinavian folk art crafts. This vintage Swedish kilim rug is an artful execution of the tradition, and highly representative of the skill possessed by Rakel Callander and their contemporaries during the mid-20th century.

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