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Vintage Kilim Moroccan Rug 45693


Size: 8 ft 3 in x 16 ft 4 in (2.51 m x 4.98 m)
Origin: Morocco

Woven circa 1950, this elegant vintage rug from Morocco features a series of geometric repeating motifs rendered in a chic selection of warm-tone neutrals.

Vintage Moroccan Rug, Origin: Morocco, Circa: Mid 20th Century – Rendered in a charming selection of neutrals, this elegant vintage rug from Morocco depicts a variety of repeating motifs, including tiled lozenges with inset details and radiating large-scale lozenges that form a series of slanting stripes, which are alternated across the field of this beautiful mid-century Moroccan rug. This novel vintage rug from Morocco features an unusually subdued color scheme that creates a sophisticated modern result. Created circa 1950, this elegant vintage Moroccan rug depicts a variety of camouflaged lozenges that appear to form a series of larger stripes. This large-scale pattern is alternated with a smaller series of tiled lozenges that feature a checkered background of burdock motifs paired with a series of inset lozenges rendered in the same chic combination of beige and darker ecru.

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