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Mid Century Vintage Folk Art Moroccan Rug 45013


Size: 4 ft 9 in x 10 ft 4 in (1.45 m x 3.15 m)
Origin: Morocco

This vintage Moroccan rug features a series of colorful rhomboid figures linked in an abstract all-over pattern.

Vintage Mid century Folk Art Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Circa: Middle Part of the 20th Century – The use of vibrant colors alongside earthy tones creates a dimensional piece of art. Of course the mid century folk art  vintage Moroccan rug  could be viewed from any direction or angle and with every changing perspective, new elements come to life. In the lower portion of the vintage rug, there is a distinct pattern: rows of earthy shades of browns, creams, and grays. In the foreground, there are columns of diamond and rhombus shapes, linked together by streaks of color passing through the middle of each shape.

The general pattern of this mid century vintage Moroccan rug is uniform, with colorful rhombus shapes and muted colors that create rows seemingly behind the vibrant shapes. However, upon careful examination of this portion of the Moroccan rug, there is no real formula to the pattern. Colors are repeated, but not in a systematic or expected way. The height of the muted rows are all different, and each rhombus shape has its own character.

At the very bottom of the Moroccan rug, the colorful shapes and earthy rows melt into one, as one might imagine a painting to look if it were left out in the rain. The upper portion has a very different feeling, but remains cohesive with the rest of the rug. This is mostly because of the use of the same color palette and vibrant shapes with a restful and muted background. Here there are no systematic rows and instead there is a monochromatic background.

The use of vibrant rhombus shapes are still present, along with a variety of other shapes, and shapes that morph together. There are both symmetric and asymmetric shapes, overlapping shapes, and indistinguishable shapes. This rug has no shortage of character and charm; it is a beautifully detailed and unique display of Moroccan folk art rugs.

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