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Small Scatter Size Silk Persian Qum Rug 49409

$3,900.00 $3,120.00

Size: 2 ft 8 in x 4 ft (0.81 m x 1.22 m)
Style: Qum Rugs

Beautiful Small Scatter Size Silk Persian Qum Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Modern Persian Rug, Circa Date: 49409 – This modern Persian silk Qum rug has an interesting and intricate design, though in contrast to many floral pieces it is not unruly and wild, but exceptionally orderly and symmetrical. Its center design is a star shape decorated with minuscule floral arrangements and what look like they could be small bottles. The star if this modern Persian rug stretches out into the design and is then contained in a lightly colored square shape. This square is surrounded by repeated triangular shapes which also contain flowers.

As the eye moves further out towards the border of this small scatter size rug, the triangular shapes are revealed to be the space in between windows reminiscent of the pointed stained-glass windows that can be found in so many churches. The colorful designs within this shapes lend themselves to this likeness as well. This full area is then encased by a rectangular shape, lightly colored as the previous square.

Finally, the boarder of this breathtaking small scatter size modern silk Persian Qum rug is made up of ovals, all arranged and spread in an even and orderly manner. These ovals have darker backgrounds than the rest of the modern silk Persian Qum rug, and accent the floral designs within them even more. This modern Persian silk rug  is a work that confines natures’ beauty and wildness to miniature, more structured blocks, without entirely losing the hint of wildness nature always seems to have, even in the most pruned, raked and weeded gardens.

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