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Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug 45768

$32,000.00 $24,500.00

Size: 10 ft 10 in x 14 ft 4 in (3.3 m x 4.37 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This vintage Persian rug depicts an elegant allover arabesque that includes grand palmettes, graceful vine scrolls and minute florals rendered in chic earth tones.

Beautiful And Decorative Vintage Tabriz Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa: Mid 20th Century – Created in the city of Tabriz, this sophisticated vintage Persian Tabriz rug showcases a marvelous allover arabesque decorated with lush palmettes, curve linear vine scrolls and a splendid combination of large- and small-scale motifs. The broad borders feature a lavish selection of ornate botanical emblems, including Hamsa motifs with re curving petals, grand rosettes and Shah Abbasi palmettes that are encircled by filamentous vine scrolls. The posh ecru field is adorned with a lush assortment of chic earth-tone colors. Shaded highlights accent the serrated outlines of each vine, and hairline details accentuate the edges of each lavish botanical motif. This exquisite vintage Persian Tabriz rug, from the city of Tabriz, depicts an exceptionally detailed curve linear arabesque rendered in a superb selection of versatile neutrals.

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