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Large Red Animal Motif Silk and Wool Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug 60032


Size: 10 ft 4 in x 15 ft 9 in (3.15 m x 4.8 m)

Magnificent Large Size Animal Motif Design Red Silk and Wool Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – This magnificent vintage Persian Tabriz rug is features a richly colored red field which is then framed by three beautifully designed borders.

The red center field of this impressive vintage Persian rug contains a large oval like shaped central medallion. This central medallion features beautiful herati designs that are sprinkled among the different naturalistic design elements. These beautifully rendered patterns are juxtaposed against the magnificent green background.

The rest of the red background field of this Persian rug is marked by meticulously symmetrically mirrored design patterns. These designs are an impressive amalgam of animals such as wild cats, birds, deer, dogs, plants, and trees that are blooming with blue light colored flowers. The light colored patterns fill the red section of the Persian Tabriz rug comfortably and juxtapose in such a magnificent and energetic way against the rich red carpet color of the field.

The expansive red field of this magnificent silk and wool vintage Persian Tabriz rug is immediately bordered by a light colored Kufic designed border that contains writing. This frame contains calligraphy patterns that are more than likely poetic verse. This frame is immediately bordered by a thin and subtle red guard border with small lighter colored patterns.

The next major section of this beautiful wool and silk rug is a thick turquoise or teal blue border.  This wide border incorporates circular plant themed palmetts in alternating colors. The red palmetts mark the corners of the the rug. The space between the palmetts is occupied by pink lace like patterns and thin red ribbon shapes. The same subtle red frame found bordering the pale frame layer reprises to frame this turquoise frame. The final border of the silk and wool vintage Persian Tabriz rug is a subtle beige frame with beautiful floral patterns. Between these flowers are more plant like emblems, similar to the ones seen in the turquoise layer. This frame is then bordered by a lacy pattern that transitions into red as the very last encompassing color.

This red silk and wool vintage Persian Tabriz rug is an impressively woven artistic expression. It exudes a sense of innocent beauty as all the animals are cohabiting peaceful together.

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