Fine Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51042

Size: 11 ft 9 in x 16 ft 5 in (3.58 m x 5 m)Print

Beautiful and Very Fine Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51042, Knots Per Square Inch: 500, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – With a vibrant array of colors rising to greet the viewer’s attention, this beautiful Persian rug is filled with details and movements. Swirling motifs and minuscule lines define the contrast between the countless colors chosen within, and a tremendous collection of larger floral shapes add further definition and division to the beautiful lines surrounding the borders and heart of the vintage Persian Tabriz rug . At the center of this fine Vintage Persian rug, the lines explode in a kaleidoscope of color, drawing the viewer’s attention to the gentle curve of the outlying stars as they transition from the foreground of the core to the background in a subtle and beautiful dance.