Fine Large Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51068

Price: $44,000.00

| Size: 11 ft 8 in x 16 ft 8 in (3.56 m x 5.08 m)Print

Intricate Fine Large Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51068, Knots Per Square Inch KPSI: 525, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – Fine details abound in this beautiful and fine vintage Persian Tabriz rug, showcasing the artist’s dedication to the celebrated craft. Variations of russet tones create a simultaneously warm and earthy primary palette, one that acts as the perfect background to the fine elements at the foreground of this large size rug. Several borders frame around each other in this vintage rug, taking the viewer’s attention inward, where many of the foreground elements present around the borders are given even more emphasis. At the very core of the vintage Persian rug, a beautiful mandala rests and spans outward, the color changes creating clever points of contrast that allow the viewer to rest and reflect before moving on to the next.