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Square Vintage Andy Warhol Flowers Rug 70138


Size: 6 ft x 6 ft (1.83 m x 1.83 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Beautiful And Extremely Artistic Vintage Andy Warhol Flowers Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Indian, Circa Date: Mid Century – The works of artist Andy Warhol are some of the most iconic and recognizable of the mid 20th century pop art movement. Warhol’s abstraction of the wold around reduced it to its basic elements and drew attention to the mundane objects of every day life. This classic Warhol Flowers image is an essential for a true mid 20th century textile art collection and adds a pop of color with is vibrant, yet simplistic design.

This classic Andy Warhol rendition of Patricia Caulfield’s flowers image that appeared in the 1964 issue of Modern Photograph, reduces the flowers to their most basic form. The colors appear as a pop of brilliant color against a dark background. All details of the flowers have been removed, with only their basic shape remaining. The leaves are only suggested by streaks of green and dots to indicate a grassy meadow.

Andy Warhol - The Man And His Flowers Flowers

Andy Warhol – The Man And His Flowers Flowers

Warhol used a naturalistic placement of the flowers on the field, reflecting the randomness of nature. The colors of the flowers are bright and joyful, creating a spectacular summer display. The edges of the vintage Pop Art rug are undefined by a border and the leafs extend beyond, making this seem to be as if someone took a photograph and cut out only a portion of the design. The use of space is similar to the framing that a photographer would use to capture such a scene.

This is a beautiful retro rug by an multi dimensional Pop Art artist who became a mid 20th century icon of the pop art movement. This magnificent square size vintage Andy Warhol Flowers rug is the perfect vintage rug for a contemporary design theme and could be used as an area rug or as a wall hanging tapestry rug.

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