Scandinavian Rugs By Ida Rydelius

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Ida Rydelius was a prominent textile artist who designed a number of decorative flat-weave vintage rugs and kilims during the mid-20th century. Virtually nothing is really known about the artist’s life or her professional training, but the classical compositions and formal styles of the Rydelius’ textiles speak for themselves.

Her distinctive vintage and mid century kilim rugs and carpets feature a variety of strong geometric motifs, stepped lozenges and precise shapes that are executed in bold colors. These distinctive pieces are unique yet fit in well with other mid-century Scandinavian kilims in the same genre. Textiles designed by Rydelius can be recognized by the “IR” insignia.

Below you can view our current select of vintage mid century Scandinavian rugs that were designed by the great Ida Rydelius:

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