Vintage Western Tapestry by Christina Bergh 48158

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| Size: 2 ft x 4 ft 9 in (0.61 m x 1.45 m)Print

This charming example beautifully showcases some of the finer nuances of Bergh’s sophisticated style, especially in the way the colors interact with one another.

Vintage Textile Art / Western Tapestry by Christina Bergh, Country of origin: United States of America, Circa Date: Mid-Twentieth Century – Here is a truly marvelous vintage carpet – a western tapestry that was woven in the United States in the mid-twentieth century by noted master weaver Christina Bergh. A native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Bergh has been designing and hand-waving exceptional rugs and carpet for more than forty-five years. Bergh’s carpets all share her unique vision and distinct aesthetic style, which is rooted in expressionism.

This charming example beautifully showcases some of the finer nuances of Bergh’s sophisticated style, especially in the way the colors interact with one another. Compositionally, this carpet consists of a series of broad swaths of color that, taken together, are vaguely suggestive of a landscape. A broad band of ivory rests to the top, just above a trapezoid of black. Then come a pair of gray trapezoids, which rest on a soft pink shape. It’s reds an pinks all the way down, broken up by a band of blue that cuts down the center. The suggestion is a river flowing from the snowy mountains into a canyon – all suggested and never explicitly stated. A beautiful carpet, this vintage rug by Christina Bergh is an excellent example.

A look at a wonderful vintage Tapestry by Christina Bergh, South-Western cowgirl and master rug weaver. Christina Bergh has been designing and weaving fine tapestries and rugs since 1968. An accomplished cowgirl who has competed in many cutting and barrel racing events across the American Southwest, Bergh got her start weaving saddle blankets, rugs, and tapestries for her own use. After using her creations during her competitions, she began accumulating a fan base and accepting custom orders for woven textiles. Over time, Bergh became just as well-known for her skills as a weaver as she was for her horsemanship.

Christina Bergh, Cowgirl and Weaver
Christina Bergh, Cowgirl and Weaver

Ms. Bergh’s studio grew into a full-fledged business, fully equipped with eleven handlooms, including two jacquard looms that were custom made for the weaver. These custom looms allow Christina Bergh to create beautifully detailed textiles, allowing her to create custom creations for her clients, and even re-create photographs in her weavings. In addition to rugs, Christina Bergh’s studio as expanded to manufacture everything from curtains, to tablecloths, to blankets, and even clothing.

This particular signed Christina Bergh tapestry is a beautiful example that showcases the designer’s love for the American Southwest. Geometric forms in soft greys and warm salmon tones create the buttes and plateaus of a desert canyon. A soothing blue streak cuts down the center of the landscape, forming a serene river. The tapestry is at once pictorial and geometrically abstract, giving it a chic and modern lo0k that would complement any contemporary interior. Nazmiyal is pleased to add such a magnificent example of Bergh’s weaving to its collection of vintage and antique rugs and textiles.

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