Vintage Swedish Kilim 46673

Size: 4 ft 3 in x 6 ft 7 in (1.3 m x 2.01 m)

Crafted in the mid-20th century, this stylish vintage Swedish rug depicts a mod pattern of stacked ovoid figures juxtaposed against an exquisite earthen background.

Swedish Kilim, Sweden, Mid 20th Century – This delightfully modern mid-century vintage rug features an outstanding modern pattern of stacked roundels placed in randomly colored patterns. The minimalist mid-century decorations are set against a golden wheat-colored background that showcases a rich abrashed variegation and a multitude of fascinating flat-weave textures. The wide earthen borders accentuate the mod decorations like a textural picture mat that intensifies the feature within. Abrashed oranges, earthy umber hues and delicate mulberry pink figures dance across the intricately patterned flat-weave field, which is offset perfectly by the softly colored background. This vintage designer rug inscribed with the artist’s initials is an exemplary representation of the timeless, universally appealing designs and handcrafts that emerged from Scandinavia during the mid-20th century.

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