Vintage Swedish Kilim by Ingegerd Silow 46207

Size: 9 ft 7 in x 18 ft 4 in (2.92 m x 5.59 m)

This stylish vintage Swedish Kilim depicts a grand series of repeating compartments that features strong lines and chic earthy colors that have a modern appearance.

Vintage Swedish Kilim by Ingegerd Silow – Drawn in a formal and highly geometric style, this classical vintage rug from Sweden — signed by textile artist Ingegerd Silow — has a modern style that is elegant and refined. The central repeating pattern features ovoid compartments with incremental stepped edges that are set over tonal panels. Reminiscent of a manicured landscape with formal gardens, the linear composition incorporates precisely aligned gates marked with dainty stepped lozenges that are aligned with a series of chic ecru-colored roundels. Monochromatic cocoa-brown borders and subtle hash-mark end pieces create a minimalist frame that highlights the nuanced figures and geometric elements that appear within the stylish earth-tone field. Embodying early modernist hallmarks, this elegant vintage Swedish Kilim features a well-organized composition that is streamlined and formal yet stark and modern.

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