Vintage Swedish Rya Shag Rug 70286 Nazmiyal
Whole Vintage Swedish Rya Shag Rug 70286 by Nazmiyal NYC
Weave Of Vintage Swedish Rya Shag Rug 70286 by Nazmiyal NYC
Pile Of Vintage Swedish Rya Shag Rug 70286 by Nazmiyal NYC
Corner Vintage Swedish Rya Shag Rug 70286 by Nazmiyal NYC
Close Up Vintage Swedish Rya Shag Rug 70286 by Nazmiyal NYC
Border Of Vintage Swedish Rya-Shag Rug 70286 by Nazmiyal NYC

Vintage Swedish Rya Shag Rug 70286

Size: 5 ft x 6 ft 4 in (1.52 m x 1.93 m)
Origin: Scandinavia

Colorful and Funky Vintage Swedish Rya Shag Rug, Country of Origin: Sweden, Circa Date: – This colorful Swedish rya shag rug will take you back the early part of the second half of the mid-20th century. This classic piece of American pop culture is a must-have vintage rug. The colors and randomness of the design give it a playful and whimsical quality.

One of the most striking features of this geometric carpet is the use of color. It has a wide range of bright, vibrant single-color geometric shapes, except for the few blocks that use a muted two-tone design. It uses both warm and cool colors in jewel tones to create a fresh and lively design. The artist used the whole box of crayons in this piece.

The design itself has little to hold it together other than the use of rectangles and squares of varying shapes and sizes. The design shows the complete freedom of expression of the artist, which is one of the qualities that makes it a unique collectible.

Swedish rya knot carpets are made similarly to other pile carpets where a series of knots are tied to a warp with several rows of regular weaving between them to keep them in place. Rya knot carpets of this type have a longer pile of between one and three inches, which is much longer than traditional pile carpets. They are sometimes called “shag” carpets and became quite popular during the 1970s. These carpets were quite the trend of the rich and famous, and authentic Swedish ones became expensive art collectibles.

Although the popularity of these mid-century modern carpets was established well before the 1973 oil crisis, their popularity increased as a way to keep homes warm. This is a classic piece that will brighten any room. It would look perfectly at home in a contemporary room, perhaps with a few lava lamps an abstract artworks thrown in for good measure. It is an iconic piece that embodies a vintage feel.

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