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Vintage Finnish Scandinavian Pile Rug 3367

Size: 8 ft 6 in x 14 ft (2.59 m x 4.27 m)

This extraordinary Art Deco influenced Finnish arts and crafts carpet with its striking design of allover medallions harks back to medieval Scandinavian textiles.

Earthy Colored Vintage Scandinavian Finnish Pile Rug, Country Origin: Finland, Date; This Vintage Pile Rug Is Dated 1924 – This extraordinary Art Deco Finnish Arts and Crafts carpet with its striking design of allover medallions harks back to medieval Scandinavian textiles, and perhaps to Turkmen / Yomut rugs as well. Deep blue green octagons with cruciform ornaments are set against a rust cocoa ground with similar cruciform fillers in this striking vintage rug. A bold zig-zag border adds a different and unexpected element that nicely complements the finer ornament of the field.

The vintage Scandinavian rugs are usually not dated unless there is a specific reason. For the most part, the dated Swedish rugs were woven to be given as dowry gifts. Since this vintage Scandinavian rug is actually dated – 1924, we can, with quite the degree of certainty, assume that this rug was custom made with the intent of being an actual “dowry rug”. This aspect of the rug history adds so much to its story and interest.

There are two more aspects of this vintage Finnish Scandinavian pile rug, that sets it aside from the rest of the rugs from Scandinavia. The first is the fact that it is quite large as most of the other rugs woven around the same area and time period tend to be smaller than 8 x10. The second aspect that further adds to the uniqueness of this historical vintage Finnish Scandinavian rile rug is the fact that it was woven as a knotted pile rug and not like most of the rugs that were created using flat weaves and kilim rug weaves.

The use of more neutral colors combined with the all over rug design, make this an easy piece to incorporate into a variety of home decor approaches. Naturally, it would look amazing in a Scandi decorated interior and retro inspired interior design. But it is s versatile that it could work in many other home decor approaches as well.

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