Vintage Swedish Marianne Richter Rug 71493


Size: 5 ft 4 in x 7 ft 8 in (1.63 m x 2.34 m)

Stunning Vintage Swedish Marianne Richter Rug, Country of Origin: Scandinavia, Circa date: Vintage – This gorgeous piece in watery blues is the work of Mid Century Swedish textile artist, Marianne Elisabet Richter Lindroth. She was once a designer at the famous rug weaving workshop of Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom. Her work encompasses a range of Scandinavian rugs / other textile works, including pile rugs, tapestries, and flat-weave area rugs. Blue has a calming effect, and the geometric nature of the design creates rhythm that adds to the feeling of balance in the room.

She received her textile training from the Technical School in Stockholm. Aside from working at the famed Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom workshop, she also apprenticed to Barbro Nilsson, another famous mid century Swedish textile designer who was known for using simple, geometric shapes in her work. You can see the influences of these two icons in Lindroth’s work.

Some of Lindroth’s most notable works include a piece for the 1955 Helsingborg Exhibition and a commissioned piece that is currently on display at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. This fascinating design is similar to much of her work produced during the mid to late 1950’s. It features a geometric design based on rectangles. The details include chevron and polka dot patterns in black.

Swedish rugs were an important part of Mid Century modern design. They added an earthiness and interest to interiors that featured furniture with minimalist legs and plenty of open space underneath. This rug from Scandinavia features a range of blues that give it a watery feel. Many Swedish rug designs were meant to reflect the natural world and bring a touch of nature into the space. Today, this trend continues to be an important part of our interior design repertoire.

This piece is suitable for a retro or vintage-inspired room design or a contemporary one. Blues have a calming effect and create a sense of balance in the space, and this one will allow you to add harmony to the room design. This piece is an excellent addition to a collection of Mid Century modern pieces. It is an iconic work by a well-known artist of the time. Vintage area rugs, such as this calm and zen like rug, will add a touch of authenticity to your vintage room design.

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