Vintage Double Sided Swedish Kilim Reversible Rug 48503


Size: 4 ft 6 in x 6 ft 8 in (1.37 m x 2.03 m)
Style: Kilim Rugs

A Beautiful Open Field Design Vintage Mid-Century Modern Double Sided Swedish Kilim Reversible Rug, Country of Origin: Sweden, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century —¬†Like most double-sided Swedish kilims, this one makes skillful use of negative and positive space to allow both sides to shine in their own unique, yet unified way. Throughout the area carpet, horizontal stripes of rich, coffee brown and gentle, honey yellow create movement and flow in their complementing display of color. A soft, foggy gray acts as the negative space in both instances of the work. The gray creates a border of angular circles around one side of the carpet, while on the other side, the color acts as the centerpiece to a colorfully striped border, broken up by small gray crosses.

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