Vintage Swedish Kilim Rug 46864


Size: 5 ft 6 in x 8 ft (1.68 m x 2.44 m)
Style: Kilim Rugs

Drawn with a superb level of precision and geometric finesse, this handsome mid-century kilim is the perfect addition to classical craftsman and mission interiors.

Earthy And Simplistic Vintage Swedish Kilim Area Rug, Origin: Sweden, Circa: 1950Swedish rugs such as this example are the perfect additions for those who like a more simple, subdued and grounding earthy palettes. It is an authentic Swedish kilim rug from the mid-20th century, but it has many features that make it perfect for a contemporary interior. It is a gorgeous piece that features rich, earthy colors and natural texture.

Scandinavian Modern is a design philosophy that arose in the mid-20th century was an answer to what some considered an abandonment of nature and the environment. Scandinavian Modern design is based on a philosophy of working in harmony with nature and restoring the connection. The geometric lines of this piece are simple and modern, but the colors are calm and natural. It represents the intersection of the manmade world and the natural environment. This idea permeated architecture and interior design throughout the mid-20th century, and it continues today.

Area rugs such as this are the perfect rugs for a neutral room to add structure and contemporary lines to the space. The browns in the borders would complement a range of natural wood tones throughout the space. This rug is the perfect element if you have a mid-century modern home and wish to embrace the style of the era. It is also an excellent choice for the minimalist who does not want to stray from the simplicity of the design philosophy.

The design of this vintage area rug is about juxtaposition and contrast, even though the colors are soft and grounded. The artist used subtle shading to create an effect that has depth and adds dimension. The design is clever and looks like interlocking puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. This contributes to the modern feel of the piece.

This vintage Swedish kilim captures the spirit of Scandinavian Modern design beautifully. It is an essential for the mid-century modern collector, or for a more contemporary designed space. It would make the perfect piece for defining an area in an open-plan space, or in any room to create a simple, clean, and natural look.

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