Vintage Swedish Kilim by Ana Joanna Angstrom 48562


Size: 4 ft 8 in x 6 ft 7 in (1.42 m x 2.01 m)

Vintage Kilim by Ana-Joanna Angstrom, Origin: Sweden, Circa Mid 2oth Century — Bold, bright, playful and beguiling, this Swedish kilim forms a truly singular artistic statement. Created by revered artist Ana Joanna Angstrom, this bright and commanding piece begins alternating brown and white. These simple borders give way to deep, wood-colored brown patterned with striking autumnal geometry. A border of rich, muted browns follows, and the structured geometrical pattern surrounds the rich, multi-hued core of this stunning piece. An autumnal field of copper, red, brown, and orange dominates the heart of this area rug, creating an elegant, sophisticated, and utterly striking artistic statement.

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