Vintage Moroccan Kilim 47212

Size: 5 ft x 15 ft 8 in (1.52 m x 4.78 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Creatively styled and constructed, this long, narrow Moroccan kilim displays a fabulous pattern of flat-weave stripes embellished with a textural latticework grid.

Moroccan Kilim, Morocco, Mid-Twentieth Century – This lovely bright and colorful vintage Moroccan kilim adds texture and energy to a contemporary space. The colors are perfect for creating a Boho chic sanctuary or a beachy sunset cottage theme. The stripes shift organically, adding a natural feel to the rug. This piece has a contemporary look, but it was created nearly 70 years ago by a people who rely on traditions that have been handed down for many centuries.

The foundation of the rug uses a flat weave kilim technique, but it uses areas of raised pile to overlay a variation of a traditional Moroccan rug pattern over it. This creates a bi-level design that gives it dimension and texture. This year’s design trends are about adding color and texture to create rooms that are bold and dynamic. This rug is the perfect piece for creating this feeling in your space.

The brilliant colors of this rug are playful and lively. It is an inspiring piece that could be used to set the colors used throughout the rest of the room. Modern designers are using rugs as the centerpiece of the room. They use dramatic rugs to bring color to the floors, not just the walls. This piece could tie the room design together to create a look that is fresh and invigorating. It could also be used to add vibrancy to a space dominated by softer tones.

This rug looks colorful and contemporary, but it is an authentic vintage piece. If your style reflects midcentury tastes, then this rug is the perfect finishing touch. Color-blocking is a technique that is once again gaining popularity, and this rug would fit in perfectly to bring together other areas of color in the room. It is a little bit Bohemian and a little bit retro, too. This carpet would be an excellent addition to a room that features minimal furniture and open spaces. It is a versatile and invigorating piece that brings a bit of character to the interior space.

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