Flat Woven Vintage Moroccan KIlim Rug #45379 from Nazmiyal Antique Rugs NYC
Full Vintage Moroccan Kilim 45379 Nazmiyal
Border Vintage Moroccan Kilim 45379 Nazmiyal
Corner Vintage Moroccan Kilim 45379 Nazmiyal
Pile Vintage Moroccan Kilim 45379 Nazmiyal
Field Vintage Moroccan Kilim 45379 Nazmiyal
Detail Vintage Moroccan Kilim 45379 Nazmiyal
Close-up Vintage Moroccan Kilim 45379 Nazmiyal
Close-up Vintage Moroccan Kilim 45379 Nazmiyal

Gallery Size Vintage Moroccan Kilim 45379


Size: 5 ft x 14 ft 1 in (1.52 m x 4.29 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

This stunning, impeccably crafted vintage rug — an exciting and dynamic vintage Moroccan kilim, from Morocco, made some time right around the middle part of the twentieth century — is just the sort of piece that makes mid-century Moroccan pieces so desirable. Rendered with a beautifully symmetric composition, this outstanding vintage kilim from Morocco features a diverse variety of decorative bands embellished with secondary stripes that showcase many traditional symbols and repeating patterns. Ancient burdock motifs lined with extended branches decorate the somber walnut brown stripes while secondary tile patterns rendered in a stunning combination of ivory, burnt sienna and cerulean blue create a series of seamless repeating motifs that break up the heavily decorated field. To own such a rug as this would be to own a truly shining example of one of the most sought after style of rug anywhere in the world today. This Moroccan kilim exemplifies the precision, versatility and beauty of traditional flat-woven construction techniques that create intricate patterns and symbols.

Gallery Size Vintage Moroccan Kilim, Country of Origin: Morocco, Circa: Mid 20th CenturyVintage Moroccan rugs from the mid-20th century are a design element that continue to be an important part of contemporary styles. This gorgeous, vintage piece has an earthy feel and geometric pattern that are perfect for many modern styles. Black and white are a classic combination that continues to find its way into our interior spaces. Now, designers are giving it a fresh update by combining contrasting patterns and adding a touch of color. This piece is a traditional, tribal design, but it look as if it was created to fit perfectly into modern spaces.

Another recent trend that has become popular is including vintage rugs into contemporary spaces. They soften the design and add interest by softening the lines. This vintage Moroccan kilim has a design that adds variation and texture to the space. It is a gallery size rug that would be perfect for a long, narrow space or for creating visual continuity between two spaces.

The motifs on the rug from Morocco have special meaning to the Berber rug weavers. Throughout this piece, you can see designs that are meant to convey feeling and tell a story. The design is tribal and has an earthy, natural feel. It is an essential piece if your style if Eco-chic or Boho-chic. This kilim rug has a spontaneous feel, with repeating stripes creating a feeling of continuity along its length, but also variety and depth. One thing that sets this Berber design apart are differences in the scale of the designs. It has a level of complexity that you often do not see in primitive, midcentury pieces.

This gallery size vintage Moroccan Kilim stands out as a unique piece in the world of mid-century and even modern Moroccan rugs for its level of skill and artistry. It is a unique piece that will transform the room and add a feeling of energy. Its design has modern flatweave artistic feel, but it still retains is organic, natural feel, too. This makes it perfect for any contemporary or retro-inspired room designs.

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