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Vintage Moroccan Rug 46498 Detail/Large View

Vintage Moroccan Rug 46498

Size: 4 ft 8 in x 7 ft 8 in (1.42 m x 2.34 m)
Origin: Morocco

Dramatic checkered honeycomb figures, abstract latticework patterns and cryptic tribal symbols decorate this opulent vintage mid-century rug from Morocco.

Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Mid 20th Century – This beautifully styled vintage Moroccan rug has an opulent, refined appearance with checkered honeycomb patterns set on a sumptuous ivory field. Dramatic pile decorations cascade across the body of the rug creating a powerful directional composition that is paired with secondary zigzag patterns, irregular shapes and enigmatic symbols. These dark volcanic black motifs are sharply offset by the plush ivory field. The ageless combination of ivory and obsidian accentuates the graphic style and texture of the checkered surface decorations. This sophisticated vintage Moroccan rug is a superb example of the luxurious textures, ageless colors and minimalist designs that regional rugs are revered for.

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