Vintage Surrealist French Art Deco Rug 50737


Size: 5 ft 5 in x 8 ft 1 in (1.65 m x 2.46 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Magnificently Beautiful Vintage Surrealist French Art Deco Rug, Country of Origin / Rugs Type: French Rugs, Circa Date: Second Quarter Of The 20th Century – This distinctive, beautiful vintage surrealist French Art Deco rug was woven around the earlier part of the second quarter of the 20th century. It is a magnificent French rug that demonstrates the transition from Impressionism to Surrealism. Impressionism was an answer to the realist movement that preceded it. As the Impressionist movement progressed, it took on a more abstract quality and led the way to the surrealist movement.

This vintage French art deco design rug must be appreciated as the great work of textile art that it truly is. It demonstrates the skill of the weaver and the ability to capture the qualities of a brushstroke in the work. This refined art deco carpet gives the appearance as if you are looking at rippling water with the reflections of the surroundings barely visible. The blending of the rug colors gives it the appearance of a watercolor painting. This artistic approach was carried out even in the edges and border design of the French deco carpet. In the top left hand corner of the work, there is what appears to be dripping paint. This adds to the impression of water flowing in the work.

The muted tones of the vintage French art deco design rug give it a mellow, serene feel. One can almost imagine walking along the streets of Paris France on a rainy day while looking at reflections as they dance across the surface of water puddles. The beautiful rusts, greens, blues, oranges, and hazy purple tones create a tranquil ambiance and spark the imagination. This is a beautiful art deco carpet and is of the caliber of art that is sure to attract much love and attention from whoever happens to see it in the flesh.

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