Vintage Moroccan Rug 46628

Size: 3 ft 7 in x 6 ft 5 in (1.09 m x 1.96 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Crafted in the mid-20th century, this handsome vintage Moroccan rug features a natural sisal foundation embellished with repeating symbols and red wool accents.

Vintage Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Mid 20th Century – This delightful vintage Moroccan sisal rug depicts a stunning repeating pattern set over a neutral ecru field. Textural variegated details provided by the natural agave fibers enhance the neutral background, which serves as a foundation for the decorative repeating pattern. The elegant, softly shaded ground is punctuated by vivid crimson burdock motifs that are revered for their protective powers. Intricately patterned borders filled with decorative quatre foil motifs have a delicate floral appearance that maintains the simply elegant crimson and ecru color scheme. Restrained main borders adorned with carefully selected floral motifs complement the tastefully decorated field while enhancing the restrained color palette that gives this vintage Moroccan rug its elegant and beautifully refined countenance.

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