Vintage Mid Century Modern Swedish Scandinavian Barbro Nilsson Marina Green Rug For Märta Måås-Fjetterström 70367

Size: 7 ft 5 in x 10 ft 1 in (2.26 m x 3.07 m)

Beautiful Small Vintage Scandinavian by Barbro Nilsson for Marta Maas Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Swedish rug, Circa Date: Mid-20th Century – This gorgeous Marta Maas Fjetterstrom carpet from the mid-20th century is the perfect piece for contemporary room designs. Marta Maas was a mid century designer whose style is considered iconic. She was a Swedish designer whose creations became world-famous and helped to define modern style. Many of her designs had an influence on many modern designs and styles.

Her designs were more dependent on line than color. She created motion in this piece using sweeping and intersecting lines of dark and light shades. The piece has a stormy feel with sweeping lines that cross each other and create tension against the horizontal lines. The lines also seem to have a rhythmic flow, much like ripples in water.

The colors are neutrals against a blue background. This MCM rug by Barbro Nilsson, would be the perfect addition to a contemporary room that is based on neutrals. One of the latest design trends is to include a piece with surprising color and pattern to a room with neutral tones. Designers will often add a colorful piece to a room of grays, whites, or even black and white.

This rug has a neutral color palette but adds interest in both line and color. Marta Maas was a Swedish rug designer who defined Swedish style. This would be the perfect piece for a Swedish Modern room with retro-inspired furniture. The piece is darker, but it would make the perfect contrast for the lighter woods and lighter neutral colors of Swedish Modern design.

The true beauty of this piece is that it is an authentic vintage rug, but it looks like the designs that are being produced today. This rug would look excellent in a color-blocked room that uses blues and grays. It would add interest to grays, browns, and earthy tones. It has a watery feel and creates a sense of motion within the space. This antique is both versatile and contemporary enough for today’s interior styles.

For people who are currently looking to buy rugs, and love the artistic area rugs by the iconic Barbro Nilsson, which were created for Marta Maas, would be a no brainer!

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