Vintage Green “Quadrat” Verner Panton Textile 47731


Size: 3 ft 10 in x 3 ft 10 in (1.17 m x 1.17 m)

Vintage Retro Style Green Color Verner Panton “Quadrat” Fabric Textile, Origin of the textile: Denmark, Creation Date: Mid 20th Century — This retro Verner Panton textile is a midcentury piece from an artist who is considered to be one of the most innovative thinkers of his time. The textile is titled Quadrat (Kvadrat) and simply means “square.” Panton’s designs are simple in that that they are often based on a single, repeated motif. However, Panton takes the experience beyond the two-dimensional world and explores three-dimensional space with his work.

Panton’s textiles were part of a collection that included the famous Panton chair, which is made from a single piece of formed plastic. They were made to create a visual impact as part of a complete ensemble. Panton created carefully curated rooms that had a futuristic feel. He wanted the visitor to experience the space with all of their senses, not just visually.

Even flat surfaces seem to jump out and take on a three-dimensional aspect. Panton uses a color gradient and careful attention to the placement of highlight, mid-tone, and shadow to give the piece a textured, sculptural appearance. The ability to transform a flat surface in a way that engages the viewer is one of the reasons why his textiles became highly collectible.

Panton was considered avant-garde, and he is known as a master of space and color. The greens in this piece are rich and warm, creating an earthy, grounded feel. Panton graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and would soon begin working for the famous architectural firm, Arne Jacobsen. However, it would not be long before Panton would leave to begin his own firm.

Quadrat was created in 1969 and was used in several room series through 1974. One of the key features of Verner Panton’s vintage fabrics, textiles and other work, is that you can find the same pattern created in different colors and on a different scale.

This piece is a generous piece of textile and will interact with the space in a way that makes it appear larger. This is the perfect piece for the mid century modern or Panton collector. It has a modern look that will complement many popular style trends this year. The green colors and geometric shapes are the perfect compliment for today’s featured interior design styles.

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