Vintage Chinese Rug 45656

Size: 2 ft 4 in x 16 ft (0.71 m x 4.88 m)
Origin: China

Precisely proportioned, this elegant vintage rug from China features ornate chrysanthemum medallions set over a tiled background surrounded by decorative blossoms.

Chinese Rug, China, Early 20th Century – This elegant vintage rug from China features a spectacular series of ogival chrysanthemum medallions set over a powder blue field decorated with a precisely arranged tiled pattern that features ornate chrysanthemum blossoms set within each lozenge-shaped cell. Decorative medallions with ogival outlines and carefully shaded chrysanthemum blossoms unify the floral theme that is featured in the borders, the tiled background and the central medallions. Indigo guard bands decorated with a constellation pattern of clear white roundels separate the flamboyant floral borders from the delicately patterned field. Floral borders featuring poly chromatic chrysanthemum blossoms flanked by articulated foliage with gradient accents create a bold frame that complements the auspicious floral motifs, which are used throughout the composition. The outstanding proportions of the elongated field are enhanced by the pleasing combination of ecru and soft robin’s egg blue featured in the field and borders.

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