Tribal Antique Room Size Caucasian Turkoman Bokara Rug 50526


Size: 7 ft 4 in x 11 ft 6 in (2.24 m x 3.51 m)

Beautiful Room Size Antique Caucasian Turkoman Bokara Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Caucasian Rug, Circa Date: 1920 – Rendered with traditional antique Caucasian rug elements, this beautiful Bokara rug features a multitude of beautifully angular elements, chosen for their presence with the rich colors. A primarily volcanic palette is present, mixing vivacious reds, creamy whites and midnight blacks together in a decadently warm theme. Several complex borders are present around the edges of the rug, sandwiched between two thick bars at the top and bottom of the antique rug, which serves to further ground the elements within.

The foregrounds to these borders feature strong lines that denote clear paths of motion, designed to lead the viewer’s eyes while simultaneously establishing a solid presence that suggests traditional order and symmetry. At the core of the antique Caucasian Turkoman Bokara rug, a series of blossoming flowers are arranged in rows and columns, featuring inverted colors at diagonal sections within their surfaces, which results in a varied appearance that breaks up the otherwise similar space.

This rug features the extremely recognizable design of Bokara rugs. The tribal rugs that feature the somewhat iconic Bokara and Tekke design rugs are usually found in the Caucasian rugs not the Persian rugs. When we do find the Persian examples, it leads us to believe that those were more than likely custom ordered area rugs that were created specifically for someone who loved and wanted the tribal patterns that we find in the Caucasian and Central Asian area rugs. The only difference is that in such instances, the rug origin would be Persian as opposed to the Caucuses.

The rustic, geometric, all over and more tribal approach to the area rug style make it a great addition to a wide range of interior design styles and approaches. The geometry, symmetry and relative use of a more limited color palette make area rugs such as this one easy to fit in any modern, traditional or mid century modern design. It would even feel right at home with any Scandinavian or even Bauhaus design where you expect to see magnificent MCM furniture designed by some of the more iconic mid century modern designers.

In addition to all the mentioned above, this piece could be used as a transitional area rug where you may want to bridge the gap between the tribal and refined as well as the more antique vs the more modern. That is what makes versatile antique area rugs such as this Caucasian Tekke design area rug so desirable. Not only do they change and enhance the interior design instantly, they are also so easy to work with and tend to work almost anywhere you choose to plop them. That is what makes these rugs some of the best to work with and around.

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