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Emilio Pucci

Beautiful Vintage Emilio Pucci rugs and Carpets

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Emilio Pucci Rugs, Emilio Pucci the Marchese of Barsento, (1914–1992) was a 20th century renaissance man born into one of the oldest noble families in the artistically inclined metropolis of Florence. He was a well-rounded nobleman, an athlete, an intellectual, an air force pilot, a politician and an amazingly gifted designer. By 1947, skiwear that Pucci designed for a friend appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, and an international phenomenon began. Pucci went on to design high-tech swimwear, airline uniforms and a complete range of fashion apparel. Using creativity and science, he produced vibrant kaleidoscopic patterns and helped developed wrinkle-free synthetic textiles with unprecedented printing qualities.

Historic anecdotes show that Pucci was a perfectionist and a fanatic for color who went to great lengths to photograph dazzling natural hues and recreate them in the laboratory with scientists. His beloved designs were favored by Jackie O, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and fashion icons around the world. Original patterns that Pucci developed are also featured on home items, a limited number of art carpets and several privately commissioned rugs that have commanded impressive prices at auction. These tantalizing wool carpets have been described as paintings for the floor, and they capture the intense colors, sweeping lines and best traits of Emilio Pucci’s unmistakable textile designs.

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