Small Size Antique French Tapestry Rug 425


Size: 1 ft 5 in x 2 ft 1 in (0.43 m x 0.63 m)
Origin: French Rugs
Style: Tapestry

This exquisite little antique French tapestry depictsa scene drawn from classical mythology or allegory.

Small Antique French Tapestry Rug, Origin: France, Circa: 19th century – A beautiful antique French Tapestry rug, is from the late 19th century, a period in time when many of the finest examples were produced. In this exquisite little antique French tapestry two female figures interact amidst a lush, pastoral landscape in a scene drawn from classical mythology or allegory. One figure kneels and receives a butterfly from another standing figure who holds a butterfly net across her shoulder, while a second butterfly hovers between them. The figures could be Cupid’s beloved, Psyche, and Cupid’s mother, Venus, whom Psyche had initially failed to honor properly. Here they are reconciled, and the butterflies which symbolized the soul in classical lore, are a reference to Psyche, whose name means soul in Greek. The myth with its neo-Platonic implications remained popular in the classical tradition down to modern times. The drawing and softly colored, painterly quality of this piece are incomparable, as is the fine, delicate weave. A graceful and appealing example, this antique French tapestry rug is an especially beautiful work.

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