Small Size Green Color Vintage Geometric Swedish Reversable Double-Sided Area Rug 47559


Size: 5 ft 4 in x 7 ft 10 in (1.63 m x 2.39 m)
Style: Kilim Rugs

This delightful double-sided kilim, a mid-century Swedish piece, features a modern design of simple geometric figures, carefully arranged in shades of green.

Vintage Swedish Double-Sided Rug, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid-20th century  – Midcentury Scandinavian artwork left a mark that continues to influence contemporary design. They were a space where artists were free to express their creativity and develop a repertoire that often explored the connection between man and the natural world. They reflected the organic world in color, form, and composition. Geometrics, simple shapes, and hard lines would come to represent the built world. This gorgeous piece captures all these concepts and will make a perfect addition to your home office, or conversation area.

This rug is a fascinating kilim because it was carefully woven in such a way that it can be reversed. This shows an incredible level of skill and attention to detail. It often has a folk-art or primitive feel, which is an aesthetic that continues to emerge in the world of contemporary design. The art world is witnessing a movement away from pieces that look mass-produced in favor of ones that show the human touch.

Subtle shades of greens and browns form the pattern on both sides of this rug. This creates an earthy feel that will form the foundation of a room that features pieces made from natural materials and a collection of your favorite plants. It will add a finishing touch to a room with retro-style furniture or a few authentic Midcentury Modern pieces. You could also picture it in a Boho Chic room with comfy floor pillows and your favorite cozy throw.

One of the best parts about this rug is that you can change the look of the room by turning it over. The colors blend well, which means that you can create a different mood in the space without changing other accessories and artwork in the space. This is a perfect piece for those who like to change it up regularly. This piece captures the essence of vintage Swedish design aesthetics and will be an excellent addition to give your modern space a little personality.

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