Small Size Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan Rug 71784

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Size: 1 ft 9 in x 2 ft 6 in (0.53 m x 0.76 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Gorgeous Small Size Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1900 – Tones of earth and water bring a garden to life in this breathtakingly complex antique Persian Sarouk Farahan rug. The central design in the field delights the imagination and takes you back in time to the grounds of the palatial estates of a grand Persian garden. The center design is reminiscent of a reflective spot, or perhaps a fountain, in the formal garden of a grand central courtyard.

The design of this magnificent small size area rug showcases beautiful horizontal and vertical symmetry. This contributes to the feeling of balance and bestows a sense of serenity to the garden setting.

Blended jewel tone colors that include light watery blue, earthy brown, rust, yellow and midnight blue work together to create a color palette that is quite soft and pleasing. The colors of this breathtaking small size antique Persian Farahan Sarouk rug are reminiscent of a peaceful nighttime garden that is kissed by the midnight moon.

The large central rug medallion features a unique and artistic amalgam of geometric patterns. Surrounding this bold central motif, we see delicate floral design vine scrolls.  These elegant branches dance around the medallion, creating an artistic contrast to the sharp angles of the central motif.

The main border features a garden of flowers set against the dark background. This contrasts nicely with the light powder blue color of the field of this small size rug. The use of color in this small size antique Persian Farahan Sarouk rug is presented in such a way that no singular element stands out as overpowering the rest. The darker colors of the border balance with the proportion of the central motif in a way that is very pleasing to the eye.

This luxurious rug is the perfect complement to any interior decor from traditional to minimalist. The neutral balance of the Persian rug make it perfect as an accent piece, but it’s detail and sheer artistry give it the ability to serve as the main attraction of the room too. This antique rug is one that will be enjoyed a lifetime and will be destined to become a cherished family heirloom.

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