Small Scatter Size Vintage Pink Color Berber Moroccan Shag Area Rug 45001

Size: 2 ft 5 in x 3 ft 4 in (0.74 m x 1.02 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Woven in the 20th century, this colorful pink carpet features fantastic saturated colors and shaggy, textural pile.

Mid-century Moroccan Rug, Morocco, 20th Century – Created in the 20th century, this modern Moroccan rug represents the epitome of modern design with a graphic checkerboard pattern, a practical and universal motif, rendered in a novel color scheme incorporating varied hues of cherry red and pink. Abrashed accents incorporating coordinating hues of pink add to the dimensional nature of the richly textured pile. Bold cherry red accents tucked into the pink background tie together the vibrant checkerboard pattern that decorates the luxurious bubblegum pink field of this classical Moroccan rug.

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